Happy Birthday

I had my birthday party yesterday and it was so fun! I didn't think it would be great since I'm a terrible host. I was able to see old friends again ; u ; and become a little closer to new ones yay. The party was to start at 5 pm but Vy, Thac, Michael and Thomas all came at like 2 LOL. I wasn't even ready so they had to stay in the  living room for like a whole hour. After that we chatted and made sushi for the coming guests since my mom invited her friends too. To be honest though I actually didn't want a birthday party but my mom insisted I have one so I was like alright. I'm pretty glad I went through with it.

Around 5 and 6 all the people I invited and were able to come, came. We were going to take Thacs and Anthonys car to go to the movie theatres or Froyo but Antony had things to do so he had to leave after like 3 hours :c I didn't take any pictures of the cake although I really wish I had LOL IT WAS SO GOOD and super pretty! It had dark chocolate on the outside and fruits on the top. The inside was chocolate. 
Anthony and Austen introduced so many new games for us to play hahaha. I haven't laughed so much in so long!!  Especially this one particular game called Kaboom, Zoom, Irk (I think). WOW that game was intense when everybody got it. Basically, Zoom means direction so whenever someone faces you and says zoom, you have to look at the other person beside you and say zoom, Kaboom is when someone looks at you and you have to skip your turn, irk is when you you have to go back and say zoom the other way. I can't explain it well as Anthony did ;_; at one point in the game, Vy and Michael irked Thac so Thac was stuck in the middle "zoom"-ing back and forth hahahah. Anthony was able to carry on his legacy when he kaboomed his match in the last round, his way of being the winner in the last round: "Just kaboom them until they get tired of it!!"

After all that we opened presents and here are some of the things I got:

I GOT COOKING MAMA V2!! Austen knows me well LOL I have the other game which is just cooking but this one has crafting too!! I was so excited ;u; and Rebekah got me a Rilakkuma folder/divider thing a cute turnip plush and stationary paper! I love the turnip plush so much I mean it's head is so huge   The other things I got were Pink lotion and 2 Pink body mist and money hehe. One of the Pink body mist I can't even begin to describe how much I love the scent. I love everything, especially how everyone except a few were able to come and make the whole party 10x better. 

The first image was from earlier today, the second image was my outfit on my birthday, everything was from taobao and the last one is my new favorite snack to munch on. I plan on buying a different mirror to place in my room so I can take better full body ootd pictures. I can't stand my closet lighting LOL. It's all yellowy :c

Saturday was an awesome day c: I'm so tired, I haven't been really productive today besides blogging and answering emails lmao. That's it for this postt. Wow how long has it been since I've actually had the time to post personally on here again!? 



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