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Hi everyone~ [this week has been such a long week.] Tarte is one of my favorite western cosmetic brand aside from MAC and Urban Decay. It might actually be ranking number 2. I recently purchased a few items off their online webstore after my Sephora haul haha. The two things I purchased was their Maracuja Concealer and the Tarte sharpener since... I own and use Dolly Wink eyeliner pencil in black and brown, drugstore pencil liner sharpener sucks, I wasn't about to buy the Dolly Wink pencil sharpener for $8 USD annnd this Tarte sharpener was only $2!! (But with the discount I used it was only about $1.60!) I read the reviews and 99% of the reviews were fantastic. I have to agree, this sharpener is amazing and cheap. Plus, it holds your shavings!

The things I got~ Link to the sharpener. I love how cosmetic stores always gives you free samples. I got 1 free sample that had something to do with Pores from Sephora (I haven't really looked into it but I chose it because it had something to do with pores haha) and I got a cute mini birthday set from Sephora. I haven't used any of them yet but I plan to! Maybe I'll post about them too and have a little review over them~ Actually, Sephora gives out a lot of free samples. Anyways, back to Tarte, the sample I got from this was an eyeshadow primer. I haven't used it yet even though I should have! 

 The concealer! Link here. Sneak peak of the review for this concealer hehe. I heard many good things about this concealer, specifically about how it doesn't cause creases. I've tried it twice and it's okay I guess. I plan on writing a review over it soon! It's my current concealer aside from Giorgio Armani master concealer, that I have yet to try.


Nonetheless, I really recommend Tarte. The prices are quite decent. I'm super satisfied with my sharpener though, that's a for sure haha. To get a discount, simply just sign up for their email subscriptions, check your email and you should receive a 20% discount code :3 I'm not sure if they ship internationally though :c you can visit their site here:


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