Yay 2013!

I'm so late LOL. I hope everyone had a good first day of 2013 and Christmas! What did you guys get for Christmas? I had a remotely good New Years Eve, I went to my friends New Years Eve party around 6 PM and stayed until 3 AM with Thac and many other people. My dad surprised me with a new laptop that day which I'm still so ecstatic about. It has a baby blue cover and a built in webcam + mic. It's also made by Dell -- one of my favorite and trusted brand. It's about the same size as my previous laptop, however in terms of height it's slightly shorter. Gahh! I love it so much. I love typing on it, it's so much smoother than my old one. I've been on a drama and anime spree recently! Sadly, my internet has been bad lately and it takes forever to load the dramas and my winter break is coming close to an end. ;_; I'm considering switching to a new internet provider.

To recap my winter break/end of 2012:
  • I rearranged my room! I'm so glad I did too, it's 10x more spacier and I was able to get rid of useless things that I never knew I had, haha. 
  • I used my first shopping service this break. I was actually very picky and nervous about entrusting my money and items onto another person, but so far it's going good. We are still in the process of me receiving my package so I'll probably let you guys know if I like them or not etc. 
  • Disappointing mail; I purchased a few items off of rakuten last week, and if you guys are familar with rakuten than I'm sure you are aware of how a majority of the shop force EMS on foreign shoppers. Well, like I said, I purchased a few items last week and for some odd reason when I checked my tracking for them, the address was apparently "insufficient" what?!  I paid over $70 USD for everything which includes the shipping. So now they're going to be sent back to Japan. I messaged the company (they're only fluent in Japanese as far as I'm concerned...) in my bad translated Japanese lol. I also sent the email with an english portion in case they had an english speaking employee or something. This was last week Friday and they still haven't gotten back to me. I'm majorly disappointed right now   I figured they would respond back sometime this week at least because of the New Years but guess not. I'm thinking about spamming them with messages until they get the gist *lol* and besides my issue with rakuten right now, I lost a $7 package in the mail last week not from rakuten but from a US based store. It wasn't their fault, it was actually the carriers fault. I contacted USPS but they never retrieved it back even though I had more than enough information for it. 
  • New Laptop 
  • Read more and new Manga! 
  • Got caught up with some anime and Japanese dramas
  • Currently watching "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" and I'm loving it despite my slow internet making it difficult to watch.
  • I made new friends~  

To recap my entire 2012:
It was okay. I think this year had more downs than ups, personally. Although, my greatest achievements of 2012, I have to say, is my blog and all the amazing followers I have, my shop and the lovely customers and all the friends I have made and kept this year  Building bigger and stronger bonds! My downfalls would be my sulking grades in mathematics and undergoing a lot of pressure this school year 

Expect 2 new circle lens review and a shop review! I'll start with the shop review tomorrow c:
And to welcome the New Year (kind of even though the time frame will be a month), I'll be hosting a giveaway soon! theres going to be a lot of bows, wigs and plushies! I'll have more information on the giveaway next week. See you guys then~  Lets hope this year will be good to us all!


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