Just Moved! + Giveaway Winner!

Hi Guys! :) I know this is long overdue (like almost every post on my blog now), so I thought I'd start with this first... the giveaway winner!!

First off, I just want to thank every single one of you guys, all my followers, readers and participants! You guys are awesome. Secondly, if you don't win, please don't fret and don't be mad! The giveaway winner is chosen randomly by the widget and I'll host more giveaways in the future ^^ I already have one set for my shop (since it reached over 600 likes already!!). Onwards to the winner....

Congratulations, Kim Pham!!

If you are Kim Pham: I have already contacted you via the email you put into the widget/raffle copter ^^ If you don't reply within 24 hours, I will send out another email in case it didn't go through, and if you don't reply within another 24 hours of that email, another winner will be chosen to take your place.


Now, with that being said, I'm SUPER excited to tell you guys that I finally moved into my new home! It took a lot of work moving things from 3 flights of stairs down. Earlier today, the exam that I had to wake up at 7:00 AM and take it at 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM today was intense, I sat with my friends in this large auditorium cafeteria thing and the multiple choice was over 50 questions, then we had to write 3 essays in 2 hours  One of them was a rhetorical essay, the other two were analytic essays. I came home, ate and took a 4 hour nap 
After this, I will unpack the rest of my things and then help out in the kitchen and then the living room. I'm currently bedless LOL. I had to sleep on the hard floor last night with blankets for support. 

Some recent instagram pictures~ My new stationary stuff came in!! I bought it so I can write to my penpals. Can you guys tell how excited I am about my future penpals? > u <

So I don't know if I ever talked about my floral crown, I probably did on twitter but yep this is my floral crown~ I love it so much, but I actually don't wear it out since I can't really find the right winter attire to accompany it LOL maybe during the spring!!  

And also for anyone interest in being penpals: ( I wrote this on my tumblr )
So from my other tumblr I said I wanted to have a penpal, but not sure if I can commit and I’m not even sure how penpal-ing really works ;_;
But I’m still super interested in writing to people from far away!! Even if it’s only a few states away or oceans and seas away. Sounds so fun meeting people through exchanging letters ^^ I think I’ll commit~ I even bought cute stationery letters to write on yesterday *0*
I’m also thinking about opening a PO box for any letters from people who are interested future or just want to drop a letter hehe.
Not sure if anyone is interested but here is my penpal email to message me and let me know, then we can start!! (let me know where you’re from, your name and a little intro about you if you’d like ^^) letters@karimew.com 
 So yeah! If you guys are interested in being penpals with me, exchanging letters, maybe even gifts and stuff, just let me know through the email above!  I already have about 5 requests and I replied to all of them~ I haven't exchanged any letters yet since I'm kind of in the middle of all the emails LOL. I'm only going to take a few more~ I already have 2 from the states/USA, 3 from UK! I'm really interested in writing to someone from over seas/outside of the US though but if you aren't and is still interested thats fine! :3 I'll only take a few though (first come first serve) and maybe during the summer time and next year, I'll take more~ 

I'll probably start writing during the beginning of March! The school year is almost over and once I'm finished settling down thats a load off my back :3

 See you guys~


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