Quick Note!

To the people who messaged me for pen pals: If you guys messaged me about Pen Pals, thank you so much!!  I said in the post I was only taking a few/first come first serve, and I received around 30 requests!! I didn't think I'd get so much LOL. Unfortunately, I only took mainly the ones outside USA because I wanted to write to people out of seas, it sounds really neat being able to talk to someone somewhere you're not familiar of!   but I decided to take the first 5 from the US who messaged me first. I haven't replied to any pen pal messages back yet the ones who came from my tumblr and the ones who came from my blog but I will tomorrow c: I'm currently no longer taking any more, I'll try to take more starting in the summer (June for me), since I'm hoping next school year will be easy and less stressful compared to this school year. c: let's hope our pen pal-ing will last for a while~

But I we probably won't start sending letters yet since I'm waiting to get my PO box set up.... which will most likely be on Saturday.  I'll try my best to get it open as soon as possible but I'm lacking the rides and time. Sigh why must everything be so complicated without a car.  I know I should have opened a PO box before I spontaneously decided to take in penpals @o@

Anyways, that's pretty much all I wanted to say in regards to pen pals. If you're an affiliate with me, please take off my banner I'm no longer taking in affiliates.

Since I'm already writing a blog post, I might as well talk about my day kind of~

Today was actually really annoying.  Heh. I really like my new room so far though, I just wish I had a bed. I only yearn for 2 more furniture  A bed and a small desk beside my bed and to hang up my mirror~ I'm going to revamp some more stuff. It's really windy today, it's kind of scary lol.

I also started playing Line Play! My name is SyrupSama :3
Let me know who you are when you add me and we can share invitation codes!  If you don't know what Line Play is, it's currently available for androids and iPhones! It's this cute game, and it's free, much like sims but way cuter. You will need to sign up/download Line App in order to play if you are not registered with Line App. Hope to see you :3 I'm not on it much but I get on it every so and so.

Even though it's just Monday, I feel like this week is already going by really slow 

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