[DAILY LIFE] Poppin Cookin & Kracie

On Sunday May 26th, Austen and I went to Julies house to hang out! It was great, we played a bunch of Mortal Kombat and other games like Boxhead, Watched some movies and made poppin cookin and Kracie. Austen and I arrived at around 1:10 PM and we left at around 10 PM. I think it was a day well spent! 

 PS Julie is wearing shorts, her shirt and blue shorts just look connected at the angle I was at!!
Anyway, I didn't notice that until after I took the picture. These are the boxes I brought for us to play with~ We started off with the Poppin Cookin Cake Shop and then the Kracie Donuts 

 The Poppin Cookin Cake Shop didn't taste bad, the cracker parts of the candy made it taste more like icecream since it's made out of like actual icecream cone ingredients. The candy was really sweet though! Austen was skeptical of the candy since it was made out of powder and water lmao. 
After the icecream ones, we started on the donut ones!

 The donuts before we decorated it! We made a huge mess with the powder packets heh

 The one I made myself was the one with the white glaze, then the one Austen and I made is the half pink half chocolate. 

Julie made this one!! 

All the donuts! Austen made the funky one LOL jk, it's adorbs. It's supposed to resemble a person with "old man hair". For some reason the texture of the donut made it kind of undesirable. I actually wanted to not eat it, but I actually prefer it over the icecream one in terms of taste!! The sprinkles were so yummy, I ate all the left over sprinkles haha.

Afterwards we watched some horror movies and took pictures of Julies cats haha

 This is Oreo, Julie took this picture!!

This is Cosmo, a really playful and cuddly kitty *-* Cosmo was very picture ready haha.

I plan on buying some more of these cuties in different versions just because they're so cute!!
Expect some circle lens review coming up~   Also, I made a Flickr! I most likely wont abandon this one like all my other ones haha! It's here if you're interested 


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