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 I went to Six Flags on the 25th of May (overall) with Austen (and at times with Tuxedo Sam). It was really fun!! I didn't expect myself to have so much fun to be honest, I was never really a roller coaster type of person nor a person who enjoys hanging out in a big place with only one other person (I believe I'm pretty awkward when it comes to socializing like this haha q.q) but nonetheless I had a really great time. This is my second time in my whole life being at Six Flags. Austen and I spent pretty much the whole day there. 

The pictures in this post are taken only by my iPhone 4

We arrived around 11 AM and Austen and I were both pretty hungry (Six Flags prohibits outside food and drinks!), so we parted from the group and headed towards a nearby Johnny Rockets in Six Flags. Gosh the menu is so expensive!!! I literally wanted to just not buy anything and settle with a bag of chips. But I caved and bought a Bacon Double Cheeseburger with Fries. Totally fulfilling and delectable but absolutely not worth 12 bucks (no drinks included either so Austen and I shared his Large soda drink) in my opinion.

We walked around and did some shopping, (well technically I heheh), I bought some wing shoe lace things which I forgot to take a picture of. We also walked around the place a little until we came by this one ride close by the Sky Screamer called The Twister. The ride was a lot like those pirate ship rides at carnivals where it would rock back and forth except this one also would do sort of like a 180 high up in the air. I had to close my eyes, I can't deal with things that flips in the air and stay there upside down/face down for even a mere 2 seconds LOL.

Next, we went to the Board walk where there was a Ferris Wheel, some snacks and coasters. We went into this Scooby Doo shooting ride and it was pretty cute lmao! I accidentally made the lady who was guarding the entrance a little mad by going ahead of time  After the shooting ride we went to this one ride called the Frisbee and for some reason I friggin love this ride!! It was literally like a Frisbee  it swung from side to side and twirled and everything. Later during the Day Austen told me he didn't like the ride because he didn't like that feeling your tummy gets when it reaches a point in the air (that weird sensation where your tummy feels like its jumping out of its place). He told me he felt like vomiting but didnt want to in front of me LMAO. What a trooper!!

Afterwards, I believe we went off to go on more rides (I sort of forgot what we did after the frisbee). But we did go off to play some games! There was a balloon dart game I wanted to try out since I was confident in my dart skills. Luckily, I got all the balloons with my darts and won a prize  My prize I chose was Tuxedo Sam, which we pretty much took pictures of the whole day haha. Austen tried out this Ball game where when you throw the balls into a certain color, you receive a prize. He bought a bucket full of balls (literally, $5 for a bucket full of balls) and played. Our tender was really awesome! He made fun of me though LOL. First he made fun of my "meh" throw and then he made fun of how badly I aimed!! He even gave us 2 extra balls for my terrible effort. What a nice guy lmfao. Austen was able to land 2 balls in 2 red sockets, so he won a flower plush thing (well pretty much the ONLY thing he could win with reds...) so he gave it to me. I wrapped it around my Tuxedo Sam! He originally wanted to land a ball in a yellow socket so he could win a gigantic Oshawott, but that yellow was impossible to get! It was in the middle practically surrounded by empty colorless sockets :c

After that we went on a bunch of other rides which I will list later! After a bunch of adrenaline surges and screams, we took a break and decided to walk around and check out show times, buy more water and check out more shops such as the candy shop and some souvenir shops (I bought a shirt) and then we went on this relaxing train ride around Six Flags.

We saw a lot more but I didn't like how some of the pictures came out on my phone so yeah sorry q.q We walked around some more and then we finally went on more rides and played one last game because Austen wanted to win a cap! It was the water shooting game and whoever gets to the top first wins a cap, everybody else wins a cape. Amazingly, Austen reached first place and got a superman cap!!  I was able to wear it the rest of the day, which saved me from any face sunburns. (The reason I didn't get any sunburns from earlier that day was because the sky was darker but it eventually cleared up  ) I got a batman cap which I gave to my little brother when I came home~

 After all the rides, we went to go watch a musical called the RockyPoint Highschool or Rockyville I don't remember but it was some highschool in the 70's or 50's themed musical and it was so cute I loved it!! The acting and singing was superb, I was totally impressed. I had lots of fun watching it 

A list of all the rides we went on! I don't remember which one we went first but the roller coasters we went on were: The Twister, Scooby Doo Shooting ride, Frisbee, The Goliath (one of the scariest ride I went on  It went so fast and the turns oh my gosh I closed my eyes pretty much the whole ride... q_q) , The Boomerang, the Road Runner (we went on twice attempting to get a good picture but they all failed!!) and the White Water Rapids (also went on twice for the heck of it). You can take a look of some of the rides here!

We were supposed to go on the Iron Rattler but by the time we did the line was too long and we didn't really have time to wait , oh well next time! Nonetheless, I had a really great time on Saturday. At the end, we all pretty much dragged outselves back home which was more than an Hour away .I wish more of my friends could have came with us hehe  Thanks for reading!! 


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