Hi guys! It's been a long while since I've posted something pertaining to my personal life on here! So here is a new... semi selca I want to share. Haha my clip is exposed, oh well. Not to worry you guys, it's a wig. I'll try to post up new and more selcas too. I have a lot plan for this coming summer after May, specifically things related to blogging. 

 For the past few weeks I haven't been posting about my daily life, I've been even more obsessed with taobao, I'm inclined to buy things order after order from there now it's gotten really bad ;o; I also been addicted to the show "Lost" and I got a new shelf!! I finally have room to put all my stuff animals! I also bought one of those san-x hanger things that you can put things on it.  I should have a tour around my room or something next post. Until then, I recently went on a sort of japanese market shopping spree and bought some of my favorite things and new stuff~

1. Tarako Furikake - Cod Roe
2. Salmon & Wakame Seaweed
3. Katsuo Flakes Furikake

4. KYOTO TSUJIRI Instant Matcha Milk
5. Bourbon "Horowaka" Kinako Sakura Chocolate
6. Bourbon "Horowaka" Black Sesame Sakura Chocolate

I AM IN LOVE WITH SALMON AND WAKAME FURIKAKE!! I had to buy 2!! I really recommend this flavor if you guys are interested. I recently bought some new furikake to try, hopefully I'll like them! I'll share with you guys my thoughts in the future. I think I'll really like the Tarako Furikake though c: I'm always really excited to try out the matcha instant drink (#4). I really love matcha flavored food, but I never tried the drink yet.

This post was sort of rushed so I apologize for not having any cute emoticons this time ;o; I'll have a circle lens review up as well as a new lipstick review. I hope this month has been treating you guys well so far!


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