Happy Birthday Julie!

 I arrived at 4 or 5-ish and we all left around 11-12. First we watched some horror movies and god I love watching horror movies with my friends because we make such hilarious commentaries LOL. We ate some of the cute food she offered, played a bunch of games and just overall had a really awesome time. I fell in love with the bulgogi she made  It was so good and the rice was perfect too omfg. I ate a lot of the salmon sushi too hehehe. The games we played were so fun, after watching the movies, we played Sing It duets on the wii, karaoke (or something?) I did duets with Austen and Julie and we were pretty awesome!! We did this one Eminem song that I actually wasn't aware of but I got the beat. To be totally honest, I love rapping to Eminem songs haha! Austen and I sang to 3 songs, one of them being Boys Like Girls "Heroine". That song used to be one of my favorite songs back in the day heh so I remembered the entire lyrics and it was super fun singing to it! I hope one day all of us can go to a karaoke place  We also played this dancing game  and LMAO I can't dance HAHA. Today was a good day :>

I also got my new camera and it's so perfect~ 

I'm going to review the Tony Moly Cat-Chu lipstick in the near future, my room tour and some other things that will be located under "Upcoming posts". Hope you guys had a good day! I'm really excited that school ends in 2 weeks ^^

PS, who here is a fan of CN Blue? Any Fellow Boices? I have some CN Blue pictures I sort of don't want 

 because I don't know what to do with them. I only kept two, one of Yong Hwa and Jung Shin hehe. I have 6 other photos left, some individuals and some have all the members. I'm thinking about selling them for $2, but I'm only having this as a private sale so if anyones interested or just curious of that the pictures look like let me know! First come first serve kind of deal. If not, I'll just add it to some small giveaway in the future 

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