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I got my standardized test scores in today! I'm so content with my scores, I did way better than I expected! Not sure if these tests are required any where else in the world, but in America (or at least where I live) we are given these standardized tests every year from... primary school to our 3rd year in highschool. *it's my last year yay. Good riddance to these tests.* and these tests determine whether you pass the grade/get your credits or not. Fortunately, I never really had any trouble with these tests, except they're really tedious and annoying to do since you are given 4 tests each year. Well, actually it depends what year you're in and what tests are required to past. This year it was 4 and I'm so thankful I passed all of them with, according to my teacher, really good scores. I saw my scores and a 2100 is passing, 2400 is commended/exceed average. My Social Studies was over 2400 and my science/physics was only a few points away from 2400! Nonetheless, I passed each and everyone of them splendidly so I'm really happy  This year I tested better than my previous years.

Not only do those tests determine if you pass/graduate or not, but in highschool they always determine if you take the oh so lovely 100+ question final exams. I don't have to take any! (Well, unless my science teacher says otherwise which I hope she doesn't because I did pretty darn good on the test >:) I'm so thankful for this though, hearing this and seeing it for myself made me so happy, I literally felt a whole load off of me. ;_;  before I heard my scores I was so anxious my heart was aching  haha.

But enough of tests!

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I recently ordered a new camera a few days ago and it is said to arrive tomorrow. I'm hoping it does, I haven't been sleeping very well due to the excitement haha. If it doesn't I might flip out *jokes*.... I've been refreshing the tracking code each time I come home just to see the progress. Also, I'm waiting for it to come in then I'll do my room tour and reviews~ I sort of bought it on a whim just because I've been wanting one for a while now and was just might as well. I just hope it comes in once piece and with everything!! I would have gone out and bought it at the physical store but the closest one is pretty far u.u

My friends birthday party is tomorrow too (or well it's 1:34 AM here so I guess in about 14 hours) and I'm really thrilled  I hope the camera comes in time so I can take pictures there but I honestly sort of doubt it.

I was looking through my past posts earlier and wow, I'm really thankful that I kept this blog! I'm glad I kept it unlike my other blog in the past which I infact really regret deleting because those were some of the days where I used to blog daily about my personal life T-T Oh and I also wish everybody luck on their final exams or any upcoming tests/scores and hope you do well!! okay well that's all for now, I'll update the upcoming post panel later tomorrow/today~ 

(Or morning, wherever you are I hope you guys have a good day ahead!!)


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