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I couldn't sleep last night or at least it felt like I couldn't sleep until 6 AM. I went to bed at 2 AM but I couldn't stop tossing and turning and it was really weird, I honestly can't tell if I slept at all between 2-6 AM. I just remember tossing and turning and then just opening my eyes and I see like blue light coming through my window, like the first light of the day you know and I assumed it was like 6 AM. But after that I tossed and turned some more and finally slept. Maybe I drifted off for a bit during 2-6 but I don't know. I feel really out of it today too, I have essays to write but I really don't feel like doing them and I feel nauseated/sickly. Maybe it was something I ate last night when I went out but whatever it is, it's been happening for the past few weeks but it seem to have gotten worse today and I hate it >:c

In other news, I've been having my eyes on a new Canon camera and I have a new layout yay :3 Lately, I've been more attracted to simplistic designs! Hopefully this one make it easier to read, navigate and there isn't too much going in haha. I was aiming for that simple style rather than cute this time c: Oh and I'm thinking about buying more Lush products but I don't what to buy besides bath bombs haha. I was going to buy more lip scrubs but instead of scrubbing I end up eating them!! 

Recent instagram snaps

I was out for Mothers Day and Moms Birthday yesterday! I was going to take more snaps today but wasn't feeling it and was busy editing the new layout. We went to eat at a fancy Chinese Buffet + Sushi Bar it was so good. I ate 2 dishes, I should have eaten more but my tummy could only handle so much LOL. My desert was going to be vanilla ice cream but they ran out of vanilla u.u Happy Mothers Day, I hope everyone had a good day~ How was your mothers day?

PS I'm going to post up my room tour picture or video sometime this week and some other stuff!! I also made a bloglovin account (or well, a new one) so you guys can keep up with me there if needed~


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