(Daily Life) Main Event and Zombies!!

So on Saturday the 22nd, I went with some friends to this entertainment and recreation center called Main Event! I woke up at 11 thank goodness, even though I set my alarm up for 9 LOL. If you follow my twitter, I'm not kidding when I say I keep waking up late and I never hear my alarm when I should! q_q Anyway, at around 11:30, after I finished getting ready, I went to run some errands which included going to the post office and then I headed towards Michael and Vy to pick them up so we can go out. I also stopped by a cute independent doughnut shop. WOW. I really wish I bought more donuts!! First off, they're such a cute little doughnut store owned by a cute couple and they sell delicious doughnuts for a really good price. When I bit into my doughnut I literally cried from the perfect fluffy bread texture and amazing taste. I definitely plan on going there another time this week to buy a bunch of doughnuts, and it'd be a really nice way to support them!! 

ANYWAY getting off topic, I took Vy and Michael back to my place and we chatted, then Austen came over and after a bit, we set off to Main Event. Austen is a really good navigator (it's my first time going to Main Event since like 5 years). It was extremely crowded inside! While we waited for the rest of the group to come, we went around and played some games and stuff. Michael and Austen first started off with DDR.  I suck at that game so much like how does one hit all those squares perfectly. Then Vy and I played this Lost World dinosaur game and today I found out my accuracy rate in shooting is not to be messed with. LOL. It's from all the shooting games I really like playing haha. During the game though, Julie, Paty and Gabe arrived !

Laser Tag was the best. We went to pay for laser tag which started at 3:15. It was only around 2:30 when we paid for it so we played some more games. We tried to get candy from this candy machine but all of failed heh heh. When it was around 3 we went to go to the wait area and let me tell you, we do not take laser tagging lightly. The whole time me and Julie were basically paired together and we went and shot the red team (our team was the blue team). I screamed out "abort" and "retreat" so many times. There was this guy who I swear thought this was Call of Duty or something LMAO. In the end, I got a total of 3770 score. In terms of score ranking, Austen was first with over 12000, Gabe over 10000. I must have fallen somewhere in the 6th or 8th. There were 10 people in each team. It was really fun though I definitely wish we could have gone again! There needs to be a laser tag park somewhere I live *_*

After laser tagging, I believe we went to watch this XD movie ride thing (we went to go see Haunted Mine) and honestly, it was such a disappointment. Nothing scary happened, I was hoping for at least something to pop out of nowhere but nothing did. Then again, it was built for younger crowds as well. But even so, one of the kid that came out from an earlier show said it wasn't scary LOL.

We went to go eat after that! Now here comes the pictures~

I know, I know, why didn't I take any more pictures? *games and food   *
I bought a pizza slice and it was delicious. Michael, Vy and I chipped in our money to buy a large Gelato cup but it didn't even look like a large!!! It was amazing though I give you that~ 

Since a majority of people didn't want to bowl, we headed off to go see a movie at the mall we usually go to. Guess what movie we went to see? 

World War Z!! It started at 7:15 and we arrived at the mall at 6 haha. That movie was incredible though. There were some small parts in the movie that pissed me off, but overall it was an interesting movie. Some scenes were hilarious. There was a scene where the zombie looked at the camera through a window and sort of like clenched his teeth multiple times and it was so gross like creepy gross not scary gross to me LOL I literally said "ew"  and I guess somebody heard in the back of the movie theatre (the mall movie theatre is a little more compact compared to actual movie theatres -- if that made sense) since they laughed after I said it. There were quite a few jump scares in that movie! 

It was around 9:30 PM or so when the movie ended and I got that empty feeling in my stomach after it did heh. I took Julie and Austen home and on the way home at a stoplight, there was this guy on the right side/Austens side who kept turning his head towards us. Austen thought to mess with him LOL. Julie told him to slowly put down the window and just omfg LMAOO. Me and Julie were like hiding our faces, the guy joked along too.

It was a day well spent! 

I forgot to mention, Julie, Paty and I got semi-matching new phone charms!! Squishes.

I got a doughnut haha
how typical of me to get a doughnut LOL.

Well thats all for this post!! 
Thanks for reading!! I'll be posting a new review later today! 


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