On Thursday, 2 of my friends came over to help me prepare for this picnic extravaganza we were going to have the next day. It was really fun! We made cut bread cut outs out of my cutting tools and we sliced the turkey, cheese and lettuce to the right proportion of the bread, we basically sliced everything into half or in fourths. I took some random snaps of the process... sort of.

The end result~ They were really delicious but we only ate the scraps since there was a lot of scrapes left over. After the sandwiches, Austen hooked up some wii games for us to play on my TV. It was so fun, we played wii sports Tennis (we all almost laughed our butts off playing  It was so funny for some reason hahaha), bowling (which honestly bored us as far as I was aware of) and then pokemon rumble (got us excited again!). Pokemon Rumble was a joy to play 

Day of the Picnic

It was a pretty good day to have a picnic! It was sunny , nice sky and there was a nice breeze now and then! Sure it was hot-ish but who picnics in the cold  Originally, we were going to settle on the ground since we brought blankets but everyone else wasn't too fond of that idea so we moved to tables LOL. There were 10 of us! After eating, I played volleyball with Austen, Gabe and Kharman then after that we ate some more, talked and started to play games  I kept bringing up charades, no regrets. I just REALLY wanted to play charades. I had the perfect ideas for people to act out puahaha. After the truth lie game we played charades and Austen got one of my charades from the draw bag which was whale haha. It was so funny watching him act it out LOL. One of my other friend, Brenda got my pikachu and someone got my potato (which I think was really evil of me to put in potato )

After the picnic we went to a close by starbucks to chill~ The past 2 weeks has been really fun! I'm really grateful for meeting amazing people this school year. The possibility of probably not seeing them again next year is so scary u_u I created such amazing bonds and I really hope it won't be severed. I'm glad school is ending in 2 days though! 

PS During the picnic I got bitten by 5 mosquito, actually even more since I forgot I had one on my shoulder and some new ones appeared on my calf q_q why are mosquitoes so merciless this summer!!!!  


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