Happy Birthday ♥ (Food heavy)

Last Saturday I went to one of my good friends Birthday Party! I had a great time there! It felt really great to meet up with old friends too. I haven't seen these amazing people since last year due to me living farther away from them now q_q We ate a bunch of foods, played games, went out and played with water balloons (best time ever) and went back and played some more games. Around 7 or 8, we made fruit tarts and they were so good!! I ate 2! Sweet fruit is my weakness. (Pic in the end of post). I unfortunately had to leave early around 8:30 PM since I don't trust myself driving at night heh. Hope you had a good birthday NH<3 Well, enjoy the food!!

Seriously. NH's food is the best. I pretty much ate 3 of each main mini dish LOL.

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