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Hello guys :3 How's Summer for you guys so far? Or if you're in school or getting ready to start it, how was your summer/day? Hopefully good! Mine has been alright~ no plans on travelling outside my city this year which is a bummer but on the bright side, it's summer and I get to sleep in all I want haha *optimism*. Well, a few days ago I went to iHop with my mom and little brother and I haven't been to iHop since last year or 2 years ago in Georgia. I know, wth LOL. Eating out there was fun though! Here are some pictures, first featuring my little brothers milkshake and my swiss mocha. 

 Truthfully, I remember the Swiss Mocha tasted so much better in Georgia. I was kind of sad with the taste here  or maybe my taste buds changed? I don't know, but I do know my little brother really enjoyed that milkshake

We actually ate during the afternoon LOL. I couldn't resist myself from ordering one of iHops breakfast since that basically what they're known for and I mean I haven't visited iHop in 2 years puahaha. My mom and little brother ordered dinner dishes and I ordered a breakfast dish haha. It was really good though! Definitely fulls you up super quick. Looking at these pictures makes me want to get off my bed, out the house and go straight to iHop. 

Before iHop though, we went shopping a little and my mom and I bought matching bracelets from the Jewelry store she goes to!! I swear, my mom has so many friends and I'm over here being an awkward socialite  Definitely didn't get her socializing skills.  

This bracelet makes me happy 
According to my mom it's real and I really wish I knew what it's made out of. It's not fake metal I give you that, it doesn't rust or turn colors. It sparkles a lot since it has like tiny ridges in it and it plays with light. 

Last but not least, the last item from my taobao haul came in a week ago!!! I love these so much but I haven't found any clothes in my closet to match these with

I was really happy that they finally came in, I was even more happy to find that they gave me a pair of super cute new packaged socks,extra lace and a cute little card freebie thing!! The wait was worth every second. 

Ahh that's it for this post~ I haven't blogged about my daily life and stuff in a long time, I feel like I need some warming up before I get the hang of it again haha. I'm going bowling and laser tagging on Saturday! I hope it's going to be fun and hopefully everybody can  It's currently 4 AM here so good night/morning!!
And thank you for reading~


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