[Daily Life] July 4th + Giveaway?

Hello cuties :3 So I find my blog to be filled with a bunch of reviews lately! I know some of you guys originally followed me / visit my blog for my personal posts, and I truly appreciate that you guys are interested in that! ^_^ So here is a daily life post, also because I want to write about my 4th of July since this 4th of July was different from my previous 4th of July :3

So this 4th of July plan was completely last minute. I went to Vys house around 5 or 6 and we just talked and started watching Arrested Development on Netflix~ then after a bit Nhi's Bf Brian, Nhi and their friend Nicole decided to grill up some hamburgers! Originally going to the Lake was the plan but it was going to be crowded and mosquitoes and sweaty people.

The hamburgers were pretty successful (with the main man, Brian grilling!) minus some of them had a lot of red insude heh~

Vys Burger ^ I also cooked some bacon haha. Pretty nice 4th of July, I didn't have any plans other than stay at home so I'm glad Vy invited me<3 Looking at the hamburgers made me wish I could have eaten more.

I also saw some pretty fireworks when driving back home so I can say my 4th of July was fulfilled :3

So I've been thinking about making my blog a little more funner and interesting :3

I'm thinking about either hosting a monthly giveaway (which a lot of blogs I've been following do, where they have a little batch of things to giveaway to their followers and I decided to jump onto the bandwagon!) or a BOTM (blog of the month)

What do you think? At the moment, I'm leaning more towards the monthly giveaway because if you know me, I'm a huge hoarder/impulse buyer and I often buy things I sometimes don't need or even use often and as you guys know I own my own shop ^^ Plus I think it'd be a fun way to let at least everybody have a chance of winning something and it's my "token of gratitude" / appreciation to my followers and readers! Plus I think it'd be fun fun fun c:

Anyway, there is going to be a giveaway coming up!! Since I believe I did mention a summer giveaway in one of my past post ^^
And that's it for this post~  I'm going to update my sidebar later and have a new review prepared for tomorrow c:
I'm going to be going to Vys house again with Thac (hopefully) and Michael for a cooking day~

Thank you for reading!


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