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I feel like I'm neglecting this blog a little bit! I've just been really tired lately and had a lot of things come up and time just isn't on my side o:< Anyway, this whole week is going to be all reviews, every day! But until then, here is a personal post + OOTD from the other day last week  :3 Starting with the OOTD~

Everything was purchased on TaoBao! The overall/suspender was from mysis and the shirt is from viobo. I was really happy with outfit!  I also got a bunch of other clothes from TaoBao too but it might be a while until I post the haul, which I know some of you guys have asked for I'm sorry q_q Also I'm wearing a wig. 


Now for the beach day~

So on Saturday I went to the beach with my best friend, Vy and her family + her sisters boyfriend. I actually slept over on Friday and twas fun~ we woke up at 6:30 AM and that's the earliest I have ever woken up this entire year so far LOL I'm surprised I even got up!! We left around 7 and it was an alright 5 hour drive. I fell asleep like 3/4ths the way. When we arrive, it was cool and breezy and it wasn't filled with a bunch of people. After setting up our little beach camp we pretty much all went in the water! We swam for like 7 hours and I friggin love the waves. 

Here are the photos from the beach day~ the beach, delicious watermelon and Vy and I saw a little jelly fish:

I didn't bring my DSLR to the beach simply because I wouldn't have it with me the whole time and if anything I rather not leave my DSLR alone even for a mere second *protective*. At some points I did regret not bringing it since the sky was so pretty and so was the beach and it would have been fun taking pictures!
Instead of pictures though, I got a bad sunburn haha 

After the beach we went to a nice shop and I bought myself a sailor hat and a little military themed helicopter toy for my little brother to bring back home (he didn't come).

We went home around 8 and stopped by a nearby McDonalds before the coming 5 hour ride. Ahh the guy tending the MCD cashier was really awesome  After he got everybody elses order, when it was my turn he took my order and then asked if we went to the beach and while I cover myself from embarrassment I was like "can you tell from my face" (because it was seriously badly sunburned I was red beyond recognition LOL ) he laughed and said yeah, paused and then said "everybodies face was red actually so I was like they must have gone to the beach". Why can't we be friends.

That's that for the beach day! I feel like bacon from this sunburn. My shoulders and parts of my back hurts sigh but I had a pretty fun day 

Lastly, if you read my last post I'm going to start monthly giveaways next month~

I'm going to post up some more reviews for momomango tomorrow c: Thanks for reading!  I'm going to go watch some Chinese flicks~

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