Review: Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner

Hello everybody! Today I'm going to review this amazing gel liner from Momomango! Momomango is an online store that sells asian cosmetics and treatments such as whitening, wrinkle and acne treatments. They also sell some men products so do check those out gentlemen~ haha. 

Gel Liner is something I have already tried in the past, I'll have some information on that later, but I wanted to learn how to blend my makeup a little more and also give gel liner another try. I also see a lot of popular asian net idols and models nowadays use gel liner rather than pencil liner! 

Name: Backstage Gel Eyeliner
Brand: Tony Moly
Color: #1 Black
Product Description from site:
"If there is ever a product Tony Moly should be proud of, this is it.  The Backstage Gel Eyeliner is a no smudge, all-in-one gel liner that goes on smooth and stays put.  Waterproof and easy on the skin, this product is a must have for any makeup routine.  Whether you're getting ready for a night on the town, or just your every day makeup routine, don't let this winner slip past you."

No kidding, this is definitely a product to be proud of.
As you can see in the above pictures, the eyeliner is broken up into 3 compartments. The bottom is the gel liner which is first protected with a cover that I took off for the picture, the brush and the long one which is in the middle separately connects the gel and the brush and forming the whole container. 

The Backstage Gel Eyeliner comes in many, many different colors and Momomango has a large selection for you to choose from:

Picture from Momomango | Product Here

 The color is fantastic! It's a nice black!  I only deducted a star because the design of the container makes it awkward and tough to carry around, and for me it's a little hard to place since I store my makeup in an organizer box~ but if you can look past that, this department would be a 5 star!!

I wasn't aware that this did so well with water! (Refer to water test picture) Okay so I know my picture doesn't look like it was run through water but it was! I even rubbed it under water to test out it's durability a little more. It doesn't smudge much when it under goes rubbing and water, which is a good plus especially if you're going out! Maybe even swimming or going to the beach or lake this summer haha. Stays on very well, fades after many washes.

It's a very creamy product, I was surprised the brush was a nice soft too. Applies on nicely, the texture makes it easy to blend if needed as well!

I love momomango and their service! The selections at momomango is full of variety, from BB creams to acne, whitening and wrinkle treatment to even men products! Also, their shipping was prompt and fast which is always a plus.

I've tried Gel eyeliner only once before and it was a bad experience. And it was the same price as this one o:< In conclusion, I love love love this gel liner! I can't say I'm good with gel liner but I'm willing to work up to it!! So glad I have this product, the brush is soft, convenient and quite easy to use and the eyeliner is creamy and amazing (major pointers: waterproof, great durability).

Tony Moly products have yet to disappoint me ;o;
Here are some pictures of me wearing the eyeliner (which I wore in my previous review for momomango too so you might be seeing some repeats on this picture) [x]

Visit Momomango by clicking on the banner logo below!

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