[Daily Life] Monte Cristo

This is an extremely belated daily life cooking post!! A few weeks ago my good friends and I went to Vys house to cook some goodies!! We made Monte Cristo Sandwich and salsa, thanks to Michael and his chef-ness. First we went to Vys house like 1 PM and then Thac and I had to rock paper scissors on who's car to take to go groceries shopping and I LOST LOL so we went in my car woo~

 We came back with this!! I believe this recipe is great for people on a budget, if I remember right everything costed less than $20!! Unless you already have the right spices and stuff it might even cost less. And it serves about 5 people  We also made salsa~ we started on the salsa first.

Then we worked on the main dish aka the sandwich 
So after we finished putting what need on the bread such as swiss cheese, black forest ham and mayo and butter, we get it ready to put it on the pan. And below is Michael getting the pan ready!!

If you look closely you can see a face haha

The finishing product:

On top is confectionery sugar and on the side is jam. It tasted amazing!! Fills you up well too :3 And here is the salsa:

Okay I tried to make it look all photogenic and this was the only picture I took of the finished salsa LOL

Anyway, the salsa was delicious and obviously pretty darn healthy in comparison to store bought salsa which made me happy :3 I don't know where to get the recipes for either dishes since this was pretty much all michaels idea haha but I'm sure you can find them through google

This whole week I've been out with friends like a majority of the time, in fact I've been visiting Vys place for 5 days in a row already haha! I'll be back to posting more reviews soon also. I need to finish all these reviews before school starts again in 3 - 4 weeks. Then hopefully it'll just be a nice balance between personal posts and reviews c: But thank you for reading!! Hope to see you guys again soon

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