Hello beautiful!! 2013 has been a roller coaster of a year. I think this year went by really fast! I can't believe I'm turning 18 in less than a month too ;o; For blogging sake and just to wrap up my 2013 and update you guys on what's been happening lately (since I haven't been keeping up with my blog very well), I'll be writing a bit about my 2013. ^^ What were the highlights of your 2013? c:

Spring and Summer of 2013

Spring was an interesting time of year for me especially since it was during the last semester of school and nearing summer. My family and I moved into a new house, good riddance to the old place we lived in!

Summer was one heck of a ride, although I wasn't able to go travel this summer as I did my previous summers (which I really miss) this was a good summer. It was very laid back and I got my car (a hand me down) the first day summer started and my mom got a new car as well. This summer, I've learned to not take the people who have wronged you in the past back because it'll only bring more trouble. I also met my current boyfriend this summer.. well not really met since it we have met each other before summer 2013 but we got closer and here we are now! <:

Fall of 2013

Fall was the starting of a new school year and the school year started off pretty great! I made a ton of new friends ad got closer to people who were only acquaintances before. I think I'm growing out of my shyness (if that's possible). I find myself to be more talkative and more social than I used to be! My main laptop broke during this time and after like 2 months of waiting for it to be fixed it's still not fixed lmao. I guess it can't be helped. I'm working with whatever I have on my current old while laptop! My car, from the summer, brake's stopped working while I was driving my friend and I to school as well, wow what a crazy morning that was LOL no one was hurt and everyone, including the car (despite the brakes) was okay! Luckily I got a newcar (pre owned one, and this one is a nice Honda insight hybrid in a cute cherry red!! MUCH LOVE.) I'm still in the process of decorating it to my taste hehe here is what has been done so far I also have a rilakkuma sticker on the back of my car~

Winter of 2013

This winter has been an overall wonderful winter thus far c: A a week before the semester ended my friend Kat, Kane and I went out for a study session which didn't work out LOL we ended up going to the mall shortly after!

I also got a new case! As much as I love wallet type cases, I wanted to switch back to the usual silicone case for a bit c: Despite precal, the end of the semester was great. The winter break has been really good to me so far and I'm so thankful! 

I started off the break by going to the Trail of Lights with my Boyfriend, Vincent, and my friend, Thac, and Thac's girlfriend on Friday a little after school. It was so amazing and cute! We carpooled in Thacs car and the ride to the Trail of Lights was fun (at least to me LOL) I tried Sonic for the first time that day too! Here are some pictures from that day:

 My failed bokeh!! I will get better!!

Ad a bad panorama from my phone! Haha. Everything was really pretty! My phone died around the end of the trail when we all went to buy food u-u the funnel cake was delicious.

Then on Saturday, my boyfriend came over and we watched movies, and my mom wanted to go shopping at the mall so we all left for the mall at like 9 PM LOL. Which then lead to sunday which nothing in particular happened, just a lot of grocery shopping with my family and boyfriend c:

And Monday! Monday was a good day, My boyfriend and I first started off with shipping things out at the post office then to target and I've been dying to get my burger fix for the past few days (even though I ate one not too long ago) so we went back to my place to chill out a bit and to decide on where to eat. My mom had to take her car to the Lexus dealership for maintenance of something earlier that day and she asked us if we wanted to go with her to pick it up. Lexus serves free food for their guests so I was like why not! So everyone including my brother went and it was really fun c: Their cookies were great wow afghnjm,l. After that it was Costco then we all went out to eat at Freddy's Steakburger. YAY.

I'll post some of my recent OOTDS in another post! Most likely tomorrow then I'll go back to reviewing! I was asked to review my naked palette 1 so I'll be doing that soon c: I also plan on using this winter break to blog as much as possible /screams. I'll be going to Ikkicon this weekend and I'm super excited! My first convention hehehe. I'm use and updated twitter more than any other of my networks so feel free to keep updated with me as well here @currymew c:

Btw I have the greatest boyfriend ever ;o;

Always giving me food and stuff adfg /dies anyway, 
Hope you guys are enjoying your break! 
(Feel free to use the banner I made below! c:)

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