Hello! I went to my first Anime convention today with my boyfriend c: It was a nice new experience  and I had a lot of fun   This post will be picture heavy~ my boyfriend took a bunch of pictures with my dslr so 99% of these pictures were taken by him except for the vertical pictures which were taken by me through my phone!! 

The con was held in a hotel certain lounge rooms were used to hold different events or things. We went into the Artist and Dealer area, which contains a bunch of things to splurge on!! There were a bunch of alpacas like the above picture, I caved and bought a large alpaca which you can see later on in the post~


 Lots and lots of anime charms~


 Really pretty lolita dresses!

 I don't know what anime she is from but I thought she was cute hehehehoho

More alpacas LOL

 My friend got me this chocopa bear! The gundam model is my boyfriends c:

 hhohohoho what is that big white blue thing~? 

(EDIT - Removed a photo with my 2 friends in it inside my friends art stand, just for privacy reasons!) My friend got an art stand!! If you're a very old bog reader of mine, you might have seen me mention her quite a few times! I've known her for the longest time (since middle school) and ever since then she's always worked on her art and has improved so much and I'm just really happy for her 

Now here are some of the many cosplayers 

This fox character cosplay was very realistic, his mouth even moved!!

Shameless restroom mirror pics 

 After walking around for like 4 hours we decided to look for food, we went to a Starbucks cafe located inside the hotel~ 

We walked around some more and I ended up buying a poster, which came with a free post card~ we went home to eat at McDonalds and buy pancake mix for tomorrow morning's breakfast 

Ikkicon Day 2

I decided to put 2 post in one since Day 2 of Ikkicon will just consist of pictures! Day 2 was much like ay 1 except not as eventful for us, besides the fact we made pancake in the morning before leaving:

Yay c: oki now to the Ikkicon pictures:

I ended up buying both of these for $5! Sooo cute, I gave the sleepy one to my boyfriend 

I thought this gigantic alpaca was funky looking LOL. It made me question whether or not it was an authentic Alpaca or a poor replicate but nonetheless, somebody bought it! I heard it was for $100?

My best friend offered to bring me to her hotel room to check out the view stuff, it was really nice  It's been so long since I've been in a hotel room! I miss travelling 

I love how everything looks so miniature. The sky looks nice too ;u;

Purchases from Ikkicon adventure! The matching shirts were courtesy of my boyfriend c: On day 2, he also got me another shirt from the same stand and he also got another shirt and another one for free. That bargaining though~  I got 2 icecream bear stickers from the same girl who sold the art work. Her artwork is soooo cute  !! Super talented. Here is a slightly better picture of the artwork (minus the stickers):

Yaaay thats it for today   Thanks for reading!!  Hope you guys have a nice day~

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