This Weeks OOTDs!

 Dress Overall: F21
White Top: ASOS

Okay this OOTD was actually from last week but better late than never LOL

 Dress: Sweet Horror
Top: F21

I actually haven't went out in this outfit yet. Maybe later since I'm supposed to be going to Ikea (for the first time)! My boyfriend got me the big rilakkuma plush for my birthday *screams*. Oh yeah and I redyed my hair recently, it's been a pain trying to get the pastel purple color but I can settle with this color~

 Dress: F21
Cardigan: F21
Tights: Brave Store

I went to school in this outfit and in Anatomy class, my teacher thought I got a tattoo on my leg? LMAO. She thought the tights were really cute though! This whole outfit was actually really cozy and warm, considering it's been in the 30's-60's F here where I live haha.

Thought I'd squeeze this picture in! My boyfriend and I have matching shirts and we wore it on Monday! c:

Shirt:  @ IKKICON 

School has started again and nothings changed really. The only class that changed for me was my eco class and I now have that class with Julie! I have 2 classes with her now hooray c: I can't wait to get this school year over with, I need a break haha. After the winter break, school days are 10x worse. Luckily I have a Monday off next week /bless. Hopefully everyone (who is back in school) is doing okay! c: 

I need to edit my blog a little sometime this week, going to revamp it a  bit. New year, new... blog..ish? LOL 

Thanks for reading this quick and short post! 


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