{Daily Life} Valentines Day! + Vday OOTD

Hi cuties!! How have you guys been? It's been quite a while since I posted up a personal post. Life has been really eventful lately but I either don't have the time, patience (or inspiration to just blog in general) to blog about it. I don't mean I'll quit blogging though! Anyway, today was quite a day c:

I'll start off with my Vday OOTD:

Despite having a test in first period, the school day was great! Love of all sorts was in the air, lots of candy exchanges and in my other 2 classes we didn't have to do work except a few writing here and there but that I can handle haha. My anatomy class is small and quaint and so we all exchanged Valentine Goodies!  

Here are some of the pictures from my Valentine Day Preparations, a day before Valentines c: I made everything myself!

Fortunately everyone really liked their goodies!!  Some, including my friend Kat, would use the ribbons to tie onto their wrist or jewelry. I thought it was really cute!

Speaking of Kat... heheheh she got me the cutest gift ever!!

 I ALWAYS WANTED ONE TOO OMGG. I always wanted one for the sole purpose of just having it for decoration because it's just too cute to actually use. Her little note to me was cute too! I'm so glad our friendship blossomed through out the few months we've known each other.

One of my good friend, Kane, also got me something too:

SOCK MONKEY. I never owned one because I never thought they were worth purchasing with my own money, but this one was actually pretty cute because it was small and it was from Kane! Someone who I also became really close to within the few months of knowing him. Also it smelled really nice LOL.

Valentines with Vincent c:

After school, my boyfriend and I headed to the newly opened aquarium! He was so cute because he basically planned out everything!! Aw ;u; This is my first Valentines Day date too! He actually came over to my house with a huge heart shaped pizza first, we have yet to bake it but time went by so fast today we might have to bake it tomorrow but thats okay as long as its with him 

Prepare for the picture load!

Ahh okay so this photo.. I was taking pics of my boyfriend on my cell phone and to sort of make fun of me, he jokingly did the same thing except with my dslr haha. I was eating a muffin then because I was hungry. He just couldn't leave my blue berry muffin and I alone LOL

We made it to the aquarium...

Let's not forget about this sting ray though LOL

 This guy was really photogenic!

 Haha! Me petting the stingray c: I heard somebody (who was also petting one) said it was slimy. It actually wasn't slimy whatsoever? I don't know where they were touching the stingray but the one I touched had a pretty tough exterior! Also these were not all the animals!

After the aquarium we went for some icecream  Baskin Robins!

 Got my eyes on the prize c;

Our devoured banana split. I accidentally smeared some icecream on my boyfriends face when trying to feed him LMAO or maybe it was on purpose hohoho c;

We went back to my house afterwards and my mom got me tiramisu!!  In fact she got me 2 tiramisu cakes because I've been craving it for the past few days LOLL we ate some and then my mom, boyfriend and I went to go do some grocery shopping because one of the grocery store here was having a sale on strawberries and other yummies!

Photo courtesy to my boyfriend! He takes better pictures with my DSLR than I do!

Today was a good day, a Friday well spent c: I hope everyone else also had a good Valentines Day 

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