Back to School Finds

Hello cuties! School is starting very soon so today I'll be sharing with you guys some quick Back to Schools wants and finds  ^^ Here are some things to "kawaii-ify" your school life and study sesh hehe (That I could find in a short notice since I meant to do this post a month ago but never got a chance to ;o; sorry about that OTL)

  1. San-X Rilakkuma Pen Pouch
  2. San-X Rilakkuma Pencil Sharpener
  3. Sentimental Circus Plush Cosmetic / Pencil Bag
  4. Little Twin Stars Calculator 
  5. Iwako Ice Cream Cone Eraser Set
  6. Sumikko Gurashi Cafe Plastic File Folder

The calculator is a bit pricey but I thought it was cute. A majority of the items listed are also based in the US for quick shipment in case you guys are interested in buying but school is starting soon!

I own a few plastic file folders like #6 and they come in so handy for me! I use it to divide up my homework and finished homework plus they're cute and they're a little easier to handle then carrying a bulky binder haha.

School is starting for me in a few days and I'm more nervous than excited! When are you guys starting school and are you guys excited or nervous? If you're starting soon or already started I want to know how your first day went! c: <3

I'm very close to being ready for school, I'm just waiting for a backpack to come in and then I should be set. Have a good and safe first day of school everybody


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