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(Picture heavy post) Saturday August 17th marked my boyfriend, Vincent, and I one year together as a couple! It was a very exciting day, eventful, tiring but worth every moment as I was with him and it was nobody in the world but us that day. Before leaving to our adventure on our Anniversary, at 12 AM Sunday night we exchanged gifts and my boyfriend got me a hamster (He actually gave me the hamster earlier during the day hehe) and a Korilakkuma soup mug! In case you guys were thinking, "Doesn't she already have one?" well, if you follow my twitter, a few months ago after coming home from a fun day out with my boyfriend and I believe I was with my friends too, I found a shattered ceramic mug on the kitchen counter and it was my poor Korilakkuma mug :c My favorite mug in the world too /OTL. The only people at home were my mom and my brother but I never found out who broke it, although it was probably an accident (It was in one piece before I went out that day). That same day later on I found my boyfriend outside in the kitchen super gluing every part back for me and I didn't even ask. Even though it could no longer be used as a mug anymore, I used it to store some small memo pads in my room. It means even more to me now because not only was it my favorite mug, but because my boyfriend who was not at fault for the broken mug, tried his best to put it back together for me. /He put it back together pretty well tbh heh, here's a picture of the broken but patched together mug, and the new mug and my new hamster -- which I named Mochi -- below. He's the best <3

Mochi Vincent Jr is a Dwarf Roborovski hamster, he's extremely shy and skiddish but he's been warming up to me (slowly but we'll get there haha). For his present, I gave him...

 ... an OmoCat Fish Boy sweatshirt!

He wanted this for so long too! I also bought him some snacks c:

My boyfriend and I left to Fiesta Texas (a huge amusement park in the state I live -- I'm mentioning this because I'm not sure if this amusement park is anywhere else due to it's name!) at 9 AM, it was a 1 and a half hour drive but it was nice! I've noticed the billboards around S.A was much sillier than the ones where I live LOL.

It took us...... *drumroll* ......... around 2 fricking hours to get inside the amusement park!  Why? The ticket lady at the booth messed up on our tickets and purchase. Which I don't know how one can make such a clumsy mistake? We were paying for separate tickets, my boyfriend paid for his first, she asked if he wanted to buy 2 tickets, he said no just one, and after a bit she asked him again, "are you sure?" and again, "so just one?" and we thought the answer was obvious since he was up there paying for himself, like every body needs a ticket to get in right? Well, for some reason she messed up the ticket and charged for one ticket but get this... some how in the mess me and my boyfriend (she asked for both our cards) had to both pay for a ticket because we thought she was trying to fix it (she told us she messed up and I don't remember what reason it was) so we can pay a ticket each but in the end she ended up only charging for one ticket which was why only one ticket was printed out (but her and the manager didn't know??) and we both split the cost of the ticket without knowing until the manager told us!! The manager had to refund both of us, make us pay for our separate tickets which took about an extra hour because she didn't even understand at first as to why only one ticket printed out, yet we had a bunch of receipts and shiettt it was a mess at that moment, such a mess that it took 2 hours to settle. It could've been easily resolved!! And as customers who had no idea what was going on and just wanting our tickets, we we're both pretty flustered  (especially me I think LOL) Thankfully, the manager let us go through the fast scan so we didn't have to wait for about another hour to get into the amusement park. It would've been nice if she gave us flash passes for the rides though (Flash passes are passes that let us "cut" in line for rides, so waiting is cut down to approximately 90%!) ahah. But it didn't stop us from having fun at Fiesta Texas!

First we went on the Road Runner, then Superman, Frisbee and Ferris wheel! Here are a few shots from the wheel:

At one point I started to feel extremely exhausted (above is a picture of me OTL'ing from the aforementioned exhaustion), it was due to not having a proper breakfast for the physical activities for the day (all I had was 3 hashbrowns....... I should've prepared my self!!) and all the strenuous walking and the humidity. After drinking some cool lemonade and sitting down for a while in an area with A/C I started to feel better. And we continued on with more rides! I have to say tho, the funnel cake I bought made me feel 10000% better. We went to the Boomerang and  a few more rides then we headed to the water section. The rides at the water park was super fun especially The Whirlpool!!

After Fiesta Texas we headed to this really nice place called The Riverwalk. It is exactly it's name! It's basically a beautiful river with cafes, bistros, restaurants, small stores and other lovely things around it. It's located below the city and it's much more beautiful at night. 

After roaming around, we went to eat at The Rainforest Cafe at the Riverwalk! I've dreamed about eating here! This place always intrigued me and I was so happy to finally go eat there on such a special day too.

 All the animals and even this tree (Trudy the tree I believe her name was) moved, one of my the many reasons why I was always so intrigued with The Rainforest Cafe, everything is made to be almost like you're in an actual rainforest, it's amazing.

After they found us seats, we were seated on the 3rd floor. Do you guys see the swinging monkey?

 I always wanted to be seated under the starry sky too! We were fairly under it, it was more over the stairs but we were seated next to the stairs and we were able to see the sky in action so that was still pretty cool!

I recorded the sky in action too, view the video supplement below!

Our food:
^ The Spinach Artichoke dip was amazing 

The food was delicious. Pretty pricey but it was to be expected and... yolo. LOL.

I wish we had more time to roam and venture around more around this area especially since when we finished eating it was late into the evening/night and everyone was out and about and the weather was nice and cool and wow everything was just so wonderful. But alas, parking fee's suck. So we had to head back to my car before they over charged us and we ended up going home (we were both pretty tired anyway).

A lovely and amazing day it was c: I'm so glad I was able to spend it all with him. Happy 1 Year bb

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