Tax Free Weekend Haul! + OOTD ♡

Hey guys! It's been a while~ So if you're from the USA (as far as I know this only happens in the USA?) we have a weekend where we don't have any tax on items (items will vary). This weekend it happened to be Tax Free weekend for my state and also certain stores such as F21 and H&M were allowing student discounts! I went shopping with my boyfriend today and we raided a bunch of stores... well mostly me LOL we went to 2 different malls and a few other places afterwards which were mostly errands.

(Starting from the left/my Bath and Body work bag) I bought 5 handsanitizer, 3 H&M T shirts (from the male section, 2 for me one for my brother!), 1 Lip Liner and 1 Foundation (I was running out of my current one) and a pair of suede oxford shoes as pictured below and 3 ring packages (I left one out because I used it after purchase! It was so cute ) and lastly from a little cute store that sells the best Onigiri ever: stickers! ((Thank goodness for Student discounts and Tax Free weekend, although Sephora didn't apply to any of them eheh ))

Some pictures in regards to this day~  I bounced back into my sticker obsession! Oh we also went into this Lego store inside one of the malls and lmfao my boyfriend and I were messing with the "build a mini lego person" and I made a bunch of my friends, and he made this one lego that had 10 heads on it idk why but I thought it was so hilarious LOL

 And here are the shoes! I was so glad I waited till now to buy them, I saw them before on a mannequin and it was so cute paired with white socks but I didn't bother to buy it till now! I got it around $3 off because of the student discount which is still great c: The rings were also discounted because of the student discount yay~ and the stickers from the Onigiri store! 

 The lip liner I purchased~ Since my lips aren't plump (they're rather thin and small-ish haha), I have to make them plump with makeup! I own Smash Box liquid liners and twisting pencil liner and I'm pleased with all of them so I decided to try their lip liner~

And lastly... OOTD!

Everything is from TaoBao!  The only thing about this outfit that I didn't like was the blouse, the mesh area were so itchy/poking me at times OTL. Otherwise, my boyfriend (and I heh) thought the outfit was cute! 

That's all for today~ Ahh how I miss my blog.

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