Little People ♡ Valentines

Valentines day! Do guys have any plans? c:

Personally I won't be doing much for Valentines day because of conflicting schedules but that's okay! Please don't forget to love yourself too as well as your friends and family. A lot of people mistaken Valentines day as only for people in a relationship. I don't think that Valentines Day is exclusive to only couples, we all have people or things we cherish and we need to cherish ourselves too. Go out and spoil yourself this day, buy/make some chocolates for your friends and family!

Speaking of Chocolates, I made some chocolates and treats for my loved ones for Valentines day! I tend to do this every Valentines day.

I call them my little people! Although, they look more like ducks in strawberry costumes lmao. If you're interested in the recipe/how to you can find it on youtube by searching "Strawberry Men". One of them ended up looking really sad and one of them looks confused LOL. I made cupcakes (made the base with my friend!) and bunny truffles too but they didn't end up looking as good imo so I didn't bother to photograph them haha.
I also got a cookie box from my bf ^^ Hope you guys have a nice Valentines day!

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