To be Frank, this is a Coffee Scrub Review.

Hello! For this post I wanted to review this coffee scrub I purchased a few weeks ago! It's the Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub.
I'm a pretty big fan of bath stuff, although I don't talk about it a lot unlike I do with other beauty stuff! I've heard of coffee scrubs quite a bit, initially through instagram. I decided to buy one after much consideration and lemme tell you after the first scrub I fell in love.

(See where I got the title from? Ohohoho LOL)

To be honest I probably sound like a prude for saying this but I personally think the way they make "Frank" speak in first person is weird LOL like I just want a coffee scrub and I only see you as a coffee scrub. I notice a lot of coffee scrub companies tend to do this though. Are coffee scrubs supposed to be a sexual thing lmao probably marketing.

This is what it looks like in the bag, it's pretty clumpy but its easy to break apart. You get a pretty strong smell of coffee too upon opening the bag!

"The coffee scrubs target dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, acne and scarring." 
(From the FrankBody website).

Actually the main reason why I purchased this was for the dry skin and stretch marks! Also, some people say it also corrects uneven skin/hyper pigmentation. 

Since I didn't take any "before" pictures, I'll write down some of the pros and cons / good and bad I've noticed when using this product.

  • Gets rid of dry, flaky skin after one shower. 
  • Makes skin almost instantly smooth after one shower. I especially love this!!
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Smells like coffee (which could be a con for people who don't like the smell of coffee)
  • Water proof bag
  • No chemicals, good exfoliator for the body. 

  • Coffee Scrub can be harsh on the face. So far, using it on my body has been fine but using it on my face I have to be careful. There are certain areas on my face where I don't use it, I usually just use it on my nose or around the mouth area where it's dry and flaky. Don't get me wrong, it gets rid of the flakiness and dryness really well, but my second use of the scrub on the same area ( a week after, I only use the scrub once a week on my face!) it started to sting a little! Not my nose really. Nothing really happened to my skin after the shower but I thought this should be a noted. 
  • Packaging. Personally I am not a big fan of the bag it is in because the coffee scrub would clump up at the zip line, and I feel like that might damage the freshness of the coffee scrub.
  • Wait time. In order for the scrub to be at it's full potential, you have to use it then let it sit/dry on your skin for about 5-10 minutes. I'm a little impatient and I can't really go out and about around the house doing my own thing while in the middle of using the scrub. I like to multi task and be as productive as possible eheh so it's a little inconvenient for me having to wait for a while in the bathroom. But if you're okay with it more power to you c:
  • Messy. The scrub is a mess when using and after using!! Looks like little ants in the shower lmao. It's an easy clean though, just rinse it down with water. You'll most likely get some stragglers here and there though.
I haven't used it long enough to really see any difference with my stretch marks or hyper pigmentation or discoloration. However they do have before and after photos from their customers on their instagram and blog.

I think it should last for about a month depending on how you use it. Personally, I'm quite generous when I use it haha, but so far there's still a lot left and it's around the 2nd and a half week since I used the scrub. 

So would I repurchase?
Probably! It's a very smoothing coffee scrub that makes you feel super soft and definitely does the job with removing dry skin. The coffee smell also lingers on you. After Frank, or whenever I have a chance to, I want to try the Coco-Berry Scrub from Mr. Bean (the first coffee scrub I heard of was Mr. Bean!). 

Thanks for reading~

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