Milk Talk by Etude House Review

Hello!! Today I am going to review 2 bottles of Milk Talk by Etude House. I purchased these along with 3 eye shadow singles a few weeks back! They were so cute I had to buy them and I thought I should review them for fun. I bought the Milk Talk Steam Milk and Milk Talk Strawberry Milk, you can purchase them on Ebay, Amazon or any Korean online store.

Product Description (from website): 
Formulated with milk protein extract 100ppm. Lathers away dirt, makeup and oil but doesn't leave body dry. Moisturize the skin, making it soft, smooth and elastic. It can be also used as bath preparation
200 ml of product. Storage life of 12 Months.

The dimensions: About 5 inches in length and about 2.5 inches in width. The following information and pictures apply to both body washes!

The bottle itself is actually very small or maybe I'm use to using much larger bottles of body wash for about $6 or cheaper as oppose to these being about $11 a piece (although I got mine for sale for about $9). The bottles are also waterproof and have a slight rubbery feel to them. Don't worry about the image wrapped around the bottles either -- they're also water proof (I was actually worried they would be damaged but so far they're gucci!!)

(Using Steam Milk as a demonstration) Whereas most body washes are Gel-like, or if you use Dove, fluffy sort of body wash (I don't know how to describe it LOL but for Dove users out there ykno wat I mean), this body wash is more on the runny side as pictured above. It's not very "sticky". I think this may be of the makeup removing formula it has, since my foaming makeup remover has a very similar consistency as this body wash before my makeup remover foams, although this one seems more watery.

The body wash lathers up pretty nicely though! I was quite impressed with this because from experience, most runny - watery liquids don't lather up very well. I noticed it also makes my skin feel incredibly soft and hydrated. This is a +++!! It definitely lives up to it's moisturizing description.
The scent clings and lingers on your body.

The smell of Steam Milk smells identical to baby powder and the smell of Strawberry smells like Strawberry Pocky. Surprisingly, I like the Steam Milk more LOL. I think it leaves a nice, dainty sort of feminine and clean scent after the shower.

Overall, would I repurchase?
If I had extra money to splurge on -- I would! However, I think these cuties are too pricey for their size. The bottles are cute though, I plan on using them for decoration when they're depleted! I do want to try the other "flavors" (I feel weird saying flavor, it's not like we're eating them LOL) from the Milk Talk series!

Thanks for reading and visiting! c:

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