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Today I am going to review this little face wash product! I got it from Sephora by using my Beauty Insider points. My BI points usually just sit there and collect so I decided to get something and I was in the mood to try something new! This product intrigued me because it claims to have Vitamin C and it's a face wash (which I prefer over face masks personally ^^). This was about 100 BI points, Sephora doesn't sell it anymore but you could always check Ebay, Amazon or any beauty retail store to see if they carry this brand and product. They have this product listed on their website too but I don't see any add to cart button available for any of their products? q-q

Claims & Description (from their web site):
Cleans and purifies skin, effortlessly removes make-up, and gently exfoliates.
  • VITAMIN AND AMINO ACIDS - to help refresh improve radiance and appearance of blemishes
  • GLYCERIN - to help skin feel soft and supple gentle polishing 
  • MICROBEADS - to exfoliate and resurface the skin
  • SUPERFRUIT™ YUZU - a skin energising, toning and brightening antioxidant complex pressed from natural Chinese citrus fruits  
It's so cute imo, I love the color and packaging hnng. 

 It is a light turquoise color with bits of pink beads for exfoliating. It's a runny liquid.

Really bubbly lather, it's nice and refreshing!

When using, my face felt tingly! Not the burning or uncomfortable tingly either, it was a really nice energized kind of tingly. You feel awake and refreshed! The little beads in this product are barely there in my opinion. Which is probably a good thing since having too much exfoliation on your face causes micro tears (which usually leads to more acne/pimples!).  It does make your face feel smooth, though.

I notice it leaves your skin looking subtly shiny, not an oil or sebum shiny just... shiny LOL. I don't know if it's because of the Vitamin C it claims to have, because vitamin C is supposed to help "brighten" your face / make it glow. I wouldn't necessarily say my skin glows though, it just looks kind of shiny.

I'll try to make before and after photos in future face wash review ^^

I also want to mention that it does take off makeup!

My take on this product?
It would make a really good morning face wash. It tingles in a way that it makes you feel refresh and awake -- it's such a nice, relaxing yet energetic kind of feeling. Your face will feel clean and energize after using and also, since it has vitamin C in it, it will also help "brighten" up your face. It has a very slight citrus scent to it and the overall product works as a gentle exfoliator. It lives up to it's smoothing claims.

I don't think I would purchase it though, honestly. I don't hate or dislike it -- it's just not really my type of face wash.

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