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I was nominated by Yuku for Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks Yuku for the nomination! I've been nominated to do similar ones before but I don't think I ever got around to doing them, so I apologize for never doing them to anyone who has nominated me in the past, I appreciate the nominations though ;u;
I'll be posting some 7 facts of me that I have never talked about or not a lot of people know about me already~
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Seven facts about me
  1. I have a habit of buying 2 of the same things if it's cute. When it comes to stationary that is super cute, I would buy 2 of it just so I can use one of the two without worrying about running out of it (if that makes any sense!) I like to save up super cute stationaries heh
  2. I prefer face to face contact more than texting or messaging. I guess I like the intimacy of it and being able to actually see people's gesture while hearing the tone of their voice. This is why I tend to be lazy when it comes to replying to peoples texts heh sorry ;o;
  3. I'm actually not a big fan of lip gloss. I dislike the sticky texture and I personally prefer matte lips. I also think it's tricky using lip gloss and how to pair it.
  4. I love horror and superhero movies! I think my interest in horror movies started in elementary or middle school when I started reading Goosebumps.
  5. I don't like drinking soda or anything carbonated. I hate the fizziness and if I drink about a can my tummy feels weird.
  6. I'm fascinated by insects, diseases and the human body. Even though I hate bugs and I can be a sort of a germa-phobe, I find all of this really interesting. I discovered this interest in elementary school when my school had a book fair and I was really drawn to this parasite book. I remember I thought it was so weirdly interesting and it intrigued me so much (didn't buy it because I was like 10 and broke LOL). My interest grew since then.
  7. I hate being unproductive. I also hate waking up past 12 pm because I feel like a big chunk of my day is already gone/wasted. I actually really like mornings, unless it's for something that starts early in the morning and if it's not something I'm excited about haha. 
I don't know who to tag, so I'll just leave it up to you if you want to do this or not ^^

Thanks for reading! I'll be having some reviews up pretty soon c:

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