DIY/Tut: How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

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I thought this would be a really handy post for beginners or people who don't know what to clean makeup brushes with and how to clean makeup brushes ^^ I gotchu guys, I was in that same position before! It is extremely crucial for us to clean our makeup brushes.

Makeup can expire/turn old and it can attract tons of bacteria on your brushes, which then causes/increases your chance of break outs, if your brushes are not properly cared for. It can also make your brushes wear out faster!! And we all know how expensive makeup brushes can be oho. So this post will be dedicated to how to clean makeup brushes, specifically how I clean my brushes. Others may clean their brushes differently than mine, such as using different solutions, but personally I find this way to work best and it is very inexpensive. So lets get to it~ 

  • 70% Rubbing Alcohol
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Warm/Luke Warm water
  • Clean Towel/Lots of paper towels
  • Clean small bowl
  • (*Optional*) Sigma Beauty Express Spa Brush Cleaner (you can just use your fingers!)

Gather up all your dirty brushes you want to clean. In all honesty, I only select certain brushes to clean I don't clean all of mines in one go LOL. But you can pick a few or clean all at once -- just as long as you clean all your brushes you should be okay.

I highly suggest laying out all your materials before washing your brushes, Place your towel/bunch of folded paper towels in an area where your brush can lay to be clean (I usually place it somewhere that is reachable and laying aside something that my brushes can lean on). Pour approximately a 1:1 ratio of your baby shampoo and rubbing alcohol (or a little less rubbing alcohol), don't pour too much though! Just enough that you can dip a couple of brushes in.

(Put on your brush cleaner glove) and Run luke warm water from the sink. Grab any desired brush and start rinsing it through the water!

Dip your brush in your rubbing alcohol and baby shampoo concoction. You can swirl it a little in there to make sure you're getting a bit of both and then start gently rubbing your brush onto the glove, or the palm of your hand.

You'll start to notice colors instead of white bubbles. If it's colored (like the middle photo above) -- keep cleaning, rinse and repeat if necessary until you get white/clear bubbly soap. Remember to rinse your brush on your glove to so your glove can be washed off of all the dirty makeup as well. Rinse your brush again again and just to be sure you have no excess soap, gently rub the brush again on your glove.

Shake off the excess water, or if you can gently squeeze your makeup brush to get out any excess water, then lay it on your towel/layers of paper towels. Always air dry your brush!

When dry, grab a towel or a cotton ball and dip it in the rubbing alcohol bottle and use it to wipe on the handle of your brushes. This cleans the handles.

And ta-da, clean brushes.

TIP: The reason why I listed the Sigma Brush Cleanser glove is because not only do I personally like using it, it really helps with deep cleansing because of the textures on it. It's a two sided glove and is interchangeable, I typically use the side with the smaller textures for my smaller brushes and the one with the bigger textures for my bigger brushes.

Also, I recommend washing your brushes once a month depending on how often you use them. Washing your brushes too often can also wear out your brushes. And lastly, if you want to make your brush bristles super soft you can add coconut oil to your concoction, although I haven't tried it personally myself.

Hope this helps anyone who is in need of having their brushes clean! ^^ <3

PS I have a surprise for my followers sometime next month heheh, stay tuned <:

ps excuse the quality of the photos they were taken on my phone


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