❅❄ Gifts For Christmas ♥ ❄❅

Hello everyone!!❅ I wanted to make a post for Christmas and I decided to make a gift-giving idea one for those times when you're unsure of what to give your friend or love one or just need some ideas! I hope this post helps ♥

Links Below:
  1. The Face Shop Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream
  2. Heart Alarm
  3. Pom Pom Purin Plush
  4. Chocolate Bon Bon Palette (JUST RELEASED!!)
  5. VDL Eye Book 6.4
  6. Bow Wallet
  7. Korilakkuma Wallet
  8. Drumstick Plush
  9. Totoro Moving Lamp Figure
Have a good holidays you guys and good luck on finals/exams!


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