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Hello! Today's post will feature this super adorable monthly subscription crate called the Doki Doki Crate by Japan Crate! The Doki Doki crate is a monthly subscription box/crate that caters to your every cute needs and anyone who is subscribed has a chance to win a Suteki Crate -- which is a giant crate filled with big cute goodies. Japan Crate also specializes in food subscription boxes, which you can view here (only $12/month). 
Doki Doki Crate is your monthly supply of everything Kawaii. Inside you'll find 8-10 items ranging from adorable plushies & squishies to collectible keychains, figures, apparel, miniatures and more.

Crates ship the first week of each month with FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING within the US.

(From their website)
LOOK AT ALL THE CUTE ITEMS!! I apologize for my poor display of the Pokemon necklace OTL. I didn't realize it was like that until after everything! I was too excited to take photos.

The Crate also came with a small booklet that contains the items you have in your crate and some little snippets of other things such as comics:

A Hello Kitty figurine!

A better pic of the necklace and alpacasso coin purse! Super cute. I use the coin purse in my car to put extra change in for those times when you need it. The necklace is really adorable too! I'm a sucker for anything cute dressed as something else cute haha.

The Totoro items! I fell in love with the mini white totoro and the totoro calendar! I ended up giving my brother the calendar (since my desk didn't have any space for it and I thought this calendar suited him more!), my bf the pouch and I kept the white totoro ^^

The calendar is super handy. It comes in the tiny monthly format  as seen above and also the stretched out monthly format that you can write important things on in each day. Towards the end of the calendar there is also a couple of pages for notes! Good to use for reference in case you forget important dates.

Mini White Totoro ft. me (-:

The crate also came with a DIY Jelly Kit called Henshin Awa Jelly DIY. I have yet to try it but it looks so cute! I think I've seen this around YouTube on RRcherrypie, Mosogourmet and such. 

Everything was sooo cute!! I really like how not only did the crate come with cute plushies and decorative items but it also came with practical items. Shipping was fast as they offer priority shipping and the items came in perfectly intact and packed well. My favorites in this December crate is the calendar, the Nya-Kuma, Alpacasso coin purse and the White Totoro!!

(Forgot to include the sleeping mask............)

Thank you for reading and thank you Japan Crate for this awesome box! If you're interested in this or are curious about what Japan Crate has to offer, please click on Japan Crate's Doki Doki banner below! ♡ There's only a couple days left to snag next months box! ♡

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