♡ 2017 Valentines Day Gift Ideas/Finds ♡

It's that time of the month again... for gift giving ideas! For this time around its for Valentines!  Remember that Valentines day can be celebrated however you choose, and that it doesn't always mean its a day specifically for couples. 

These are my personal picks! I find each and everyone of these super cute and would want myself *_* I actually bought the candle! What inclined me to purchase a bread scented candle was not only because of my love for both bread and for candles but because one day I came home from a day out and my room smelled like fresh warm bread that came out of the oven or something (like how you would imagine a nice bakery to smell like). After that I was determined to buy an actual bread scented candle LOL.

Too Faced is amazing and have a dozen of cute and quality items to choose from. I own a couple of their blushes and I looove them.

You can also never go wrong with a shiba inu or bathbombs! I've used the sex bomb bath bomb before and the smell is absolutely lovely, it's one of my faves!!

I posted this early just incase anyone would be interested in purchasing the shiba inu mug, since its handmade I'd like to provide some time to make the purchase and have the seller craft the product! (That is if it's not ready to ship). Hopefully this post is early enough.

Hope these will help anyone who doesn't know what to gift their significant other, friend or their loved ones (or maybe even vice versa!) Or for yourself! 


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