21st Birthday

Ahhh, to be honest I'm not quite excited about 21 LOL to me it just means a year closer to being 30, then 40, etc ^^" I still feel like I'm 18 LMAO however on the plus side I can legally order drinks??? Although I don't drink too much to begin with..

I'm super grateful to my friends and a few of my followers on twitter and instagram who sent me birthday wishes, thank you so much for remembering  honestly it made me so frickin warm inside when I saw those messages!!!! 

For my bday my bf, Vincent, and I went to Dallas (currently my fave place to go LOL worth the drive imo) for 2 days (a few days before my bday on the 8th) and ahh it was so fun!  I'm so glad when we went there was a new Japanese Book Store that opened/soft opened and it snowed on the second day we were visiting!! My bf didn't find the snow too appealing (he considered it more dangerous than interesting), unlike me who thought it was super neat because it rarely ever snows in Austin! Plus, it was pretty funny to me though because the night before we were watching Goblin together (well, I'm caught up with the drama but he isn't, I'm just rewatching it all with him!) and we were at the "First Snowfall of the year" episode (don't want to spoil it for anyone, but if you watch it you know what I mean!) and when it snowed in Dallas that was literally the first snowfall of the year LOL

We went pretty much allll over the place.

Upon first arriving (around 11am-12 pm maybe?)/day 1, we went to eat at a place called Kimchi!
We also went to a boba place in the same plaza and I got a cotton candy topped boba drink. (Tbh I liked my bfs drink more.. LOL much more simple and yummier OTL my bf always makes fun of me when I order new drinks bc I somehow always seem to choose the meh tasting ones????)

The cotton candy was all lopsided because this was taken a bit after I got the drink! LOL I ordered a matcha drink (idr the name ><) and my bf ordered the sea salt (??) creme milk tea, something like that.

Then throughout the 2 day trip we hit up makeup stores sush as trhe face shop, 2 Daisos, a nice bakery nearby, the Japanese bookstore, a revolving sushi place that I went to before with my friend Crystle in Summer 2016, a cosplay store, a cute stationery/cute stuff store, a korean fried chicken place for dinner and Round 1 - an entertainment/game place. Some pic dump:

The bags are from Daiso if you're wondering!

So glad we visited the second Daiso, they had more stuff than the first Daiso near the bakery we went to!! But I guess it's because that first Daiso was located in a pretty busy plaza.

The Japanese bookstore:

Some of the snow mentioned earlier:

Ahh it was sooo nice. This was my first time experiencing snowfall.

We hit up the game place/Round 1 last so this is why I'm adding this picture towards the end of the trip!
Okay it looks so bare in the photo but trust, it had a lot more games and ufo catchers LOL I had to delete some pics for storage space (16gb life) and I thought I transferred most already but I guess not apparently ^^" I'm pretty sure they made the cranes a bit more difficult compared to when I went last time (which was around summertime 2016)!!

And.... my haul!

It looks like I did a a lot of damage this trip but it's mostly Daiso stuff so... I guess its not too bad money wise LOL
 The glared out circles under the brown rilakkuma box are eyeshadows from the face shop! My haul mostly consisted of stationery and useful home/daily goodies.


Really neat body soap that I bought! It's from the brand "Juniper Tree". I looked them up a few weeks ago after purchasing this soap because I wanted more (regret not buying a few other ones) and they don't seem to offer shipping/product purchasing! :c

Some stuff I bought for my boyfriend, a sushi mug (bought 2 so I can have a mtaching one because they were really neato imo) and a little bird salt/pepper shaker LOL he picked these out!

And in the brown box was a rilakkuma figure! I decided to splurge and buy it as my bday present!

Now I can put my re-ment stuff to good use!

I'm such a sucker for cute pose-able figurines and also miniature and rement stuff!! 

Really want to visit Dallas soon again though! Excited to revisit the bakery and the japanese bookstore and of course, Daiso. With Daiso, I feel like every time you leave after buying a handful of things it's still never enough! I already know what else I plan to buy at Daiso LOL.

I finished watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo a week or two ago and I am so sad, it was one of those few good dramas I've watched that left me feeling empty afterwards! Not empty like the drama was unfulfilling or anything, but because I wanted to watch more! It's such a warm, light, funny and cute kdrama. Personally, I think it was also relatively realistic too. Nothing seemed too forced, too fast or painfully unrealistic for a romance drama! (You know like, not super cringe LOL) I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in those kinds of kdramas! I also love, love, love that Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk were in it as leads!! MY LOVES  Now... I still have Goblin since there's a few more episodes till it ends but ahh I don't want Goblin to end either LOL 

Spring semester started earlier this week for me. I don't want to say that this may be my last "full" post for a while but it might be :( I'm taking a few more classes than I did last semester on top of work, so I'll probably be really busy and won't have as much free time or access to my blog. If only there was more time in the day without compromising your health and needs (such as sleep OTL)!!! But hopefully I can squeeze in some posts! I have so many reviews and posts in mind too that I'd love to get around to editing the photos and posting it all. I finally finished my review and tutorial section of my blog and kind of revamped and updated other stuff as well! Can't let all that hard work this editing this blog go to waste right HAHA

Well that concludes this slightly overdue blog post! Hope you guys have a good week ahead and thank you for reading/visiting my blog! 

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