Biore Face Milk 50 SPF Sunscreen Review

Hi guys!! Finally back with another review. This review is not sponsored in any way, I bought this sunscreen myself after searching for a more affordable face sunscreen that has a good amount of SPF, works under makeup and wont make my makeup look hecka dewy. 

This review will be short and to-the-point.

Todays review is the Biore Sara Sara Perfect Face Milk Sunscreen, I purchased this on Amazon here. Notice that mine doesn't say "perfect" on the container, which may be due to it being the newer edition of the packaging. You can purchase a listing with the more recent packaging here (no prime) on amazon for ease of mind. But I do advise to always shop at your own risk!

 Sunscreen is crucial when you go out, even for a little bit! It helps protect your skin from damaging rays from the sun that can cause premature aging, wrinkles, sun spots and various other damages to the skin. Its good to start wearing sunscreen as soon as you can as a preventive for premature aging and the things I mentioned earlier. I won't go too deep into sunscreens, since the main topic of this post is the review so if you would like to know more about sunscreens and their benefits and importance, feel free to check out this site

Now onto the review! image

I just want to note that the amount of product is just a close estimate.

The Mercier bottle is about 6 Inches tall and is 50 ml /1.7 Fl oz

Comes with a nozzle.

The product itself:
The product is super runny and honestly smells like alcohol.

As you can see, the blended area looks almost blurred out, and this was not due to my camera! It's pretty neat.
When you first rub and apply it looks a bit shiny/oily, however shortly after it drys (?) to a matte finish. It feels almost velvety which is really nice.

  • No oily or greasy feeling
  • Matte Finish
  • 50 SPF
  • Very smooth when applying on the skin, best description would be velvety

  • SUPER SMALL BOTTLE, I'm sure they don't cost as much in Japan but wow the container is ridiculously small for the price. Maybe I'm just use to bigger size containers
  • SMELLS LIKE ALCOHOL. At first the smell reminded me of sharpie but then I read that this product actually contains small traces of alcohol (I assume its for the matte finish?).
  • DRYING. This isn't evident the first use and if you're going to put makeup over it, at least it wasn't noticeable at first for me and my skin is fairly dry. It is horrible by itself, one time I woke up late and had to rush out of the house so I just applied this sunscreen (since its matte and 50 spf) and just a few minutes out the house and in my car I looked in the rearview mirror to check how the sunscreen is and it was sooo drying. I saw flakes all over around my nose and mouth area that I didn't even know I had!! While I am looking for face sunscreen/under makeup sunscreen that won't make my face too dewy, this just made it tooo dry.

  • Its runny! Reminds me of milk so it lives up to its name haha.
  • Expensive online, but probably cheaper in Japan!

Haven't been using this for a while, which I think says a lot. I think the alcohol ingredient made my skin dryer and my skin is already dry so no thanks haha. image I do love the other qualities about it such as it drys matte and applies fairly smoothly. But, overall I don't think I'll be using this again. For now, I'll be sticking to my Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer and my Laura Mercier Sunscreen pictured earlier in this post (although it is also a bit too oily/dewy for my liking). There is still another sunscreen I want to try from Biore Japan, which is the Aqua(?). It's a water based version and hopefully it'll work better than this one!

Also, if you like some of the pixel animals in this post, you can grab them from here

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